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EastSide Arts Alliance uses arts and culture as a way to build community power and self-determination. We have been serving our neighborhood for over 20 years. We now have a third generation coming to our cultural center. We are dedicated to building deep connections between and among working class & low-income communities of color, communities whose histories, stories and cultures are actively erased from mainstream narratives. Through year-round programming at our cultural center and other public spaces in East Oakland, EastSide provides an example of how progressive artwork and the growing traditions of cultural offerings offers a creative framework for community solidarity and inclusivity. 

We believe that art can be healing and transformative when the intention is clear. The Project Sarai Mural and Beloved: An Insistence are a part of an ongoing commitment by artists, spiritual warriors, activists and abolitionists working together to end the culture of misogyny, child abuse, sexual violence and rape in our communities; and repair our collective humanity.


–  EastSide Arts Alliance Collective

The EastSide Arts Alliance & Cultural Center presents free youth art classes, cultural programming, public art projects, ongoing gallery exhibitions, community town halls, and the annual Malcolm X Jazz Arts Festival. We work with numerous organizations and community groups to present hundreds of events every year. 


The Project Sarai Mural and Beloved: An Insistence 

Regina Evans (IG: @reginasdoor) and Amara Tabor Smith


Muralists: Cece Carpio, Leslie Lopez, Priya Handa, Frankie Gámez, Angelica Lopez, Inbal Rubin, and Sarai

Mural photo: Mark Lilly; Mural detail photos: Joe Keefe

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