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Exhibitions at EastSide

Rooted in the belief that culture is a weapon in the ongoing struggles for liberation, Exhibitions at Eastside presents exhibitions and curatorial projects that highlight the deep histories and revolutionary culture of Third World Communities with the purpose of leveraging our cultural power to strengthen our ongoing collective movements for self-determination, autonomy and a world where our communities thrive. 


The Exhibitions program at EastSide is dedicated to collectively nurturing spaces that celebrate, uplift and showcase the art, culture and stories of Black, Indigenous, Xicanx, Asian and other third world communities in East Oakland and beyond. 

Exhibitions at Eastside present the visual art of third-world artists; highlight archival material from Eastisde’s Community Archive Resource Project; and activate the streets with art, culture and community history.

Current Exhibitions

Pocho Magazine: From the Community Resource Project Archives. 

Exhibition Dates: May 30 - July 9, 2024 

Location: Theater Gallery at EastSide Arts Alliance,

2277 International Blvd Oakland, CA 94606 

Open Hours: Open during events and by appointment. Please reach out to Roberto Martinez at 

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