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LAIR is a multidisciplinary performing arts project where artists and audience members can engage in a meaningful dialogue about innovative ideas and experimental work, where artists can reflect on the process of creating progressive art and revolutionary movements while redefining aesthetics and ethics that will decolonize our minds.

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 EastSide Arts Alliance • Live Arts in Resistance presents...

Raza por Gaza | Raza for Gaza

A gathering of music and poetry in solidarity with Palestine to celebrate our communities in the struggle for justice & liberation.

Fri and Sat, Feb 23 & 24


EastSide Cultural Center

2277 International Blvd. Oakland

tickets: $20 general admission; $10 students and seniors; no one turned away for lack of funds




Camellia Boutros

Cristina López Suárez

Ayodele Nzinga

And more . . .


Raza for Gaza, a two-evening cultural gathering in Oakland, is an invitation to practice inter-communal solidarity with the raza of Gaza. With the clamor of poets, the rattling of songs & music and the movement of bodies in dance, Raza for Gaza will join in the international, the inter-raza, movement for justice, peace & solidarity with Palestine. Our art will drown out – if only for a few hours– the Israeli explosions, denouncing the carnage of Palestine, to demand a permanent ceasefire and the dismantling of apartheid and the smashing of all fascist values and structures.

Past Events


EastSide Arts Alliance and Naka Dance Theater present...

REPURPOSE: Transporting the Ache of Grief into Fertile Energy

Sat, Dec 9 @ 7pm

Sun, Dec 10 @ 2pm

EastSide Cultural Center

2277 International Blvd. Oakland, CA

REPURPOSE: An offering of heart art to help transform the ache of grief into fertile energy, curated by Shaunnah Ray, Laila Shabazz, and other artists. 

Sat Dec 9 @ 7pm 
Sun Dec 10 @ 2pm

Join us for REPURPOSE. A creative gathering to hold our hearts and hopefully do a little communal healing of the ache of grief. A spoken word. chant. dance .art. sound gathering to help us touch on our feelings about griefs of various kinds - work at integrating the complicated realities of those aches, and breathe them new life so that we may repurpose the energy. Hopefully, we move toward dissolving some of the pain and move through some of our dynamic feelings.

$25/pay what you can

Eastside Cultural Center
2277 International Blvd. Oakland

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