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LAIR is a multidisciplinary performing arts project where artists and audience members can engage in a meaningful dialogue about innovative ideas and experimental work, where artists can reflect on the process of creating progressive art and revolutionary movements while redefining aesthetics and ethics that will decolonize our minds.

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EastSide Arts Alliance/Live Arts in Resistance and NAKA Dance Theater present..

Y Basta Ya! The Performance of the Performance

a visual installation/performance reflecting on the making of Y Basta Ya!

October 26-29, 2023

Thur & Fri10/26 and 27 at 7pm

Sat 10/28 at 3pm and 7pm

Sun 10/29 at 2pm

EastSide Cultural Center

2277 International Blvd. Oakland


A film and live performance of the seven-year-long multidisciplinary and multilingual performance project - Y Basta Ya! - highlighting stories of Indigenous and Latine immigrant women and their intimate and personal exploration of issues of race, gender violence, invisibility, and individual and collective power. NAKA Dance Theater Co-Directors José Ome Mazatl and

Debby Kajiyama and their collaborators reflect on their experiences of creating the piece, focusing on key artifacts, costumes, and photos and reflecting on border-crossings and the loss of languages to create a

dream-like, multimedia-infused Performance of the Performance. Y Basta Ya! is an ongoing project engaging Latine community members in different cities across the US.

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House/Full of Blackwomen Culminating Episode (15):

“This Too Shall Pass: The Portal is Open”

When: March 4, 9, 10, 11,12, 2023 @ Eastside Arts Alliance with additional sites.

Masks required.

House/Full of Blackwomen is a site-responsive, ritual performance project that addresses issues of displacement, well-being, and sex trafficking of Black women and girls in Oakland created by amara tabor-smith and Ellen Sebastian Chang in collaboration with a core group of Black women artists and activists.  Set in various public sites throughout Oakland over a 7 ½ year period, this community-engaged project is performed as a series of “Episodes” that are driven by the core question, “How can we, as black women and girls find space to  breathe, rest  and be well within a stable home?” In March, we will close this project with this final episode experience.


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