Welcome to the EastSide Arts Alliance & Cultural Center!

We are an organization of Third World artists, cultural workers, and community organizers of color committed to working in the San Antonio and other Oakland neighborhoods to support a creative environment that improves the quality of life for our communities and advocates for progressive, systemic social change.

Nomadic Press and EastSide Arts Alliance have partnered to create an art book featuring Oakland murals to express solidarity with inter/national protests against the police brutality/murder of Black people and systemic-institutional racism in the US

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EastSide Arts Alliance presents,

22nd Annual Malcolm X JazzArts Festival "We Still Here!"

Saturday, May 21

San Antonio Park, Foothill Blvd. & 18th Ave.,

Oakland, Ca

Jazz in your ear all day, sun on your backs, our Oakland is here to stay. A community event for the people, made by the people with info booths by your local organizations. EastSide staff is taking our time coming back - it's been a hard couple of years! But we are still here and in order to take care and take it slowly with our MXJF relaunch there will be no food or arts vendors this year. All are encouraged to please support local food vendors and bring their own snacks to the park. 


Opening ceremony and welcome by Amara Tabor Smith and Traci Bartlow
ESAA’s Freedom Now! Band, led by Howard Wiley 
and featuring Bay Area jazz greats, including:
L.J. Holoman
Martin Luther
Kev Choice
MJ’s Brass Boppers
Ryan Nicole
Dame Drummer

Chester Thompson

Tongo Eisen Martin

EastSide’s Youth Arts Production

Closing celebration by dana e. fitchett / Movement for Liberation

Kids Court, hosted by Vertical Skillz, will feature an open house with boxing and fitness activities

Sunday, July 3
renowned jazz saxophonist, David Murray
performance 2-4pm
at Black Cultural Zone’s Akoma Market, noon-5pm
Liberation Park, 73rd Ave. at Foothill Blvd, East Oakland 

EastSide Arts Alliance is proud to present the legendary artist David Murray. Internationally known and returning to his Oakland roots with a free performance for the people. A reunion like no other, one of the Bay Area’s best taking the stage to bring a day of joy and belonging to the folks at Akoma Market. Come one, come all to see California Arts Council Legacy award-winning jazz saxophonist and composer, David Murray. 

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Apply to Paid Weekly Internship

Application Deadline Friday May 13, 2022

11:59pm PST

Interviews will be conducted 

between May 4th - May 13th

Link to application: 


Dear future interns,

Returning the application for EastSide's weekly paid internship is an opportunity to intern at EastSide Arts Alliance, a cultural center while participating in community building and third-world solidarity. 


Paid Weekly Internship: 

TUESDAY 4-7 PM meetings + 

assignments, rehearsals, check-ins


This is a direct link to the application:



Approximately $300/month

Open to ages 14-24 years old


Interviews will be conducted 

between May 4th - May 13th



Friday May 13, 2022 11:59PM

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Freedom Archives presents…

Conversation with Addameer

Thursday, May 12

EastSide Cultural Center
2277 International Blvd, Oakland, CA

Join us for an in-depth look at imprisonment and prisoner resistance in Palestine with Milena Ansari of Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association, an organization that supports Palestinian political prisoners held in Israeli and Palestinian prisons.

art by: Mohammed Hassouna

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Cardboard, Concrete Art Collective, and EastSide presents...

Being Human 

Works by Cardboard and Concrete Art Collective

On view: Saturday May 7, 2022 - Saturday June 25, 2022 

Gallery hours: Wed. and Thur. noon-5pm (ring doorbell)

Saturdays by appointment btn 1-5pm, call 510 479-3399

or stop in at Bandung Books to make an appt.

Eastside Cultural Center Gallery 

2277 International Blvd. Oakland, CA

Being Human is not a crime. Simply existing is not a crime. Demanding basic human rights is not a crime. 


This exhibition presents the artwork of Cardboard and Concrete Collective (CCC), a collective of unhoused artists who use the power of art to assert their right to live and exist with dignity.


In a society marked by its inhumanity towards unhoused people, in a city with a growing housing crisis where poor people and unhoused people face the constant threat of eviction, where simply existing is criminalized -  ART becomes a form of resistance against the violent tactics of erasure, displacement and removal. The artwork on display celebrates the resilience, skills, and genius of the unhoused community and collectively affirms the humanity in the struggle. It serves as a reminder that housing is a human right and that homelesness is not a crime. 


NAKA Dance Theater + Mujeres Unidas y Activas

Y Basta Ya!
Tu'mixtzin ja'la!

Sabado 6 de Mayo, 5pm PT
Sábado 7 de Mayo, 2pm PT (Interpretación en Mam)
Sábado 7 de Mayo, 5pm PT
Las funciones serán en Español.
Donación surgerida: $10-$30. Nadie es rechazado por falta de fondos.

EastSide Cultural Center
2277 International Blvd, Oakland, CA

Mujeres Unidas y Activas y NAKA te invitan a un proyecto de danza, teatro y música donde el cuerpo y la palabra de la mujer se visibilizan ante tanta injusticia sistemática, contando y bailando sus historias. Mujeres Unidas y Activas son poder, arte y sanación.


Música por David Molina
Con la participación de miembras de Mujeres Unidas y Activas.
Artistas Facilitadores (Comodines): Agustina Amiconi, Luciana Rodriguez, Cristina López Suárez, Jubilee July.

Fotografia: Scott Tsuchitani
Diseño: Ernesto Sopprani

Mojb’ab’il chib’ xuj ex list ete’, NAKA ncha txoqin tun tpona tuj
jun aq’untl te b’ixb’il, yek’b’il ex b’ib’itz jatum nchaj etz q’incha’lin
txumlal ex tyol xuj tun tni nti no’k chq’on chipin xuj (injusticia), ntzaj
chq’aman ex nchab’ixin jun che o che-ex tuj. Mujeres Unidas y Activas, yek’bil
jaj b’an tb’ant qu’n ex nchab’ant qe tu’n.

Sabado 6 de Mayo, 5pm PT

**Sábado 7 de Mayo, 2pm PT (Interpretación en Mam)**

Sábado 7 de Mayo, 5pm PT
Tuj chyol am ch-o’qil qa yek’b’il.

East Side Cultural Center
2277 International Blvd, Oakland, CA

B’ib’itz tun: David Molina

Ex chaktel qe txjali Mujeres Unidas y Activas.

Qa aj yek’il: Agustin Amicon, Luciana Rodriguez, Cristina Lopez Suarez, Jubilee July.

Jun tib’lal tu’n: Scott Tsuchitani
B’inchalta: Ernesto Sopprani
Mujeres Unidas y Activas and NAKA invite you to an interdisciplinary and multi-lingual performance where the bodies and the words of Latinx and Indigenous women are featured centerstage. In the face of so much systemic injustice, they speak and dance their stories out loud. Mujeres Unidas y Activas is power, art and healing.

Friday, May 6, 5pm PT
Saturday, May 7, 2pm PT (Interpretation in Mam available)
Saturday, May 7, 5pm PT
All performances will be in Spanish. All are welcome!
Suggested donation: $10-$30. No one turned away.

EastSide Cultural Center
2277 International Blvd, Oakland, CA

Featuring Music by David Molina
Performed by members of Mujeres Unidas y Activas.
Artist Facilitators: Agustina Amiconi, Luciana Rodriguez, Cristina López Suárez, Jubilee July.

Photography: Scott Tsuchitani
Design: Ernesto Sopprani


EastSide Arts Alliance and NOMADIC PRESS present…

Book Reading and signing of Painting the Streets: Oakland Uprising in the Time of Rebellion

Saturday April 30, 2022

2-4pm PST

Bandung Books

2289 International Blvd

Join us to celebrate the official book reading and signing of Painting the Streets: Oakland Uprising in the Time of Rebellion!

Grab a copy in person at the bookstore or order the book at Bandungs online bookstore or at https://www.nomadicpress.org/store/paintingthestreets


About the book: Painting the Streets: Oakland Uprising in the Time of Rebellion expresses solidarity with the national and international protests against the police brutality/murder of Black people and systemic-institutional racism in the US with Oakland murals as a local reflection of this historic moment.

This oversized art book will impress this through an introduction by Alicia Garza; essays by Robin D. G, Kelley, Mizan Alkebulan and the Black Cultural Zone team, Greg Morozumi and Leslie Lopez, and Cat Brooks; an interview with Emory Douglas by Tongo Eisen-Martin, mural art (full list of participating artists coming soon!), photos by myriad photographers (including JJ Harris and Rohan DaCosta), and poetry expressing self-determination and the continuum of the Black liberation struggle by Umar Bin Hassan, from The Last Poets, Tureeda Mikell, Ayodele Nzinga (Oakland's first Poet Laureate), James Cagney, Tongo Eisen-Martin, Arnoldo Garcia, Sizwe, Miasha Quint, Nia McAllister, and Amiri Baraka.

All proceeds from the book will go into a separate bank account overseen by 5 community members and proceeds will go toward visual arts programs in Oakland flatlands’ schools.

Black Lives Matter! Black Power Matters!

All proceeds from the book will go into a separate bank account overseen by 5 community members and proceeds will go toward visual arts programs in Oakland flatlands’ schools.

Black Lives Matter! Black Power Matters!


Books Available Here!!

Porch Chat #7.png

Eastside Arts Alliance and House/full of Blackwomen present:

Porch Chat #7 -

Discussion topic: How can we all breathe and be well in a stable home? 

B Love’s Guest House
1131 Center St, Oakland, CA 94607
Saturday, April 23
Capacity : 25

The porch chats are a series of informal, physical distancing gatherings where we will discuss topics and questions that are relevant to this moment we are in. There will be no lead speakers, just folks interested in listening and sharing thoughts and perspectives on a given topic. Wear a mask, and bring your fan, a notebook, and your folk wisdom! Physical distancing protocols will be in effect. Each gathering will have a capacity limit.

Oakland 2045 - The City of Oakland is working on the General Plan that will decide where housing gets built, environmental justice, and transportation. This is the opportunity for everyone to weigh in. Help Shape Oakland’s Future!

Gina .png

Eastside Arts Alliance and House/full of Blackwomen present:

Vibration of Grace™ with Gina Breedlove A sound healing ritual that supports the movement of grief.

Saturday, April 16

6pm (doors open at 5:30)11:59pm PST

Eastside Arts Alliance

2277 International Blvd,


Donations/Pay What you Can at the Door.


Space is limited, please arrive on time

Please wear a mask
Bring a Journal

Beloved Home Exhbition Poster.jpeg

EastSide Arts Alliance present…

Beloved Home

The Artwork of Amado Khaya a descendant of Bandung 

On view: March 19, 2022 - April 22, 2022

Eastside Cultural Center Gallery

2277 International Blvd. Oakland, CA 94606 

gallery hours: Wed. and Thur. noon-5pm (ring doorbell)

Saturdays by appointment btn 1-5pm, call 510 479-3399

or stop in at Bandung Books to make an appt. 


The Eastside Arts Alliance is happy to present Beloved Home the artwork of Amado Khaya alongside the current exhibition on the historic Bandung Conference of 1955. 


Amado, born in Oakland, was a beloved student, activist, and community organizer. Through his artwork we get a glimpse into the love he had for Oakland, as well as his unwavering determination to continue in the struggles for freedom, so deeply rooted in his ancestral power.


Amado’s work, both as an artist and a freedom fighter, were directly rooted in the Afro-Asian solidarity movements that sprouted from the Bandung Conference. 


In 2020, Amado lost his life unexpectedly while learning and living with the Mangyan Indigenous communities in Mindoro Island in the Philippines; as he stood alongside them in their fight for their lands, livelihood and ancestral domain.  


This exhibition celebrates Amado’s life and honors his connection to the legacy of the Bandung Conference. 


Read more about Amado Khaya





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And don't forget




We are a Third World Cultural Center in the Fruitvale/San Antonio District in the East Oakland community– meaning we serve the diverse Black, Brown & Asian neighborhoods that populate our city.

One of our priorities involves SECURITY and SAFETY for People of Color in our underserved, poor & struggling communities which we know they are all under pressure to survive.

Sometimes survival means committing fratricide in our desperate communities (like the spike of violence especially in east Oakland); Sometimes it overflows into other ethnic neighborhoods, like the recent muggings in Chinatown. We need a bold and smart solution to address this repeating history that cannot be solved by increasing the number of the repressive police forces. Oakland has been “investigated” for nearly 20 years from the Feds for corrupt rampant police brutality and “rogue” cops. But we understand the source and role of policing since the history of slavery!

Defunding the Police is first step to protect our communities with intelligent policies that understand the source of our oppression – We need active intervention with community voices, progressive cultural consciousness, mental health dialogue, and better social services that address our concerns and needs ... for a start ...

We need more cooperation between our communities to build solidarity because that is the only way we can truly solve this crisis and ultimately empower our community. As third world people we continue to fight and struggle collectively to end oppression and violence against all of us in our communities and the world.

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