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We are an organization of Third World artists, cultural workers, and community organizers of color committed to working in the San Antonio and other Oakland neighborhoods to support a creative environment that improves the quality of life for our communities and advocates for progressive, systemic social change.

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EastSide Cultural Center – Strong & Healthy!

                                        Dear EastSide Family, 

These were the words chanted by one of our favorite 5-year olds after the  announcement that a new presidential team had been elected. She chanted this to a resounding drumbeat that said to all of us "listen up!" 

Now more than ever we have to be strong - ready to participate in the reconstruction that is needed - and healthy - in mind, body, and soul. There’s a lot to do and through the creation and sharing of song, ceremony, dance, music, theater, poetry, posters, murals, and sculptures we will teach each other, build community together, and create new systems of mutual aid.  


The EastSide Cultural Center builds our power at the local level by bringing poor  and working-class communities together to imagine and fight for the neighbor hoods we all deserve. We all want to live in neighborhoods where folks are  looking out for each other, where there are places for young and old people to share stories, places that are healthy and resilient. Grassroots community  cultural centers are critical to that vision, and it is our work at EastSide to keep these spaces alive. Cultural work is important right now as we all look for  ways to stay connected and imagine a better world. We do not intend to go back to “business as usual”. Cultural spaces are where we envision and actualize a world that does not focus on racism and greed but instead focuses on self-de termination and freedom.  

We know there are many folks out there who love and appreciate the work  we do. We are forever grateful for that support. We need every one of you to show your support by giving a donation today. Funds received from individual donors are what keeps our center going, in a time when culture is critical to building the world we want to live in.  

Will you be one of the hundred people in our community that we need to sign up as Roots Supporters? Our Roots Supporters give a set amount each month – this  can be $10 or $100 – whatever you are able to contribute*. Roots Supporters provide a known source of funding at a time when resources are hard to come by,  allowing us to plan ahead in uncertain times and continue offering year-round  programming. Please consider signing up as a monthly donor today, to sustain  what makes our community vibrant and resilient.  

Cultural spaces are critical for developing and deepening relationships between  neighbors - and right now our interdependence is life or death.  

Thank you, 

                      The EastSide Arts Alliance Collective 

* For monthly gifts of $40 and up you will receive a special surprise box of ESAA  vintage swag - t-shirts, posters, books, stickers. 

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The Project Sarai Mural and Beloved: An Insistence 


Regina Evans (IG: @reginasdoor) and Amara Tabor Smith


Muralists: Cece Carpio, Leslie Lopez, Priya Handa, Frankie Gámez, Angelica Lopez, Inbal Rubin, and Sarai

Mural photo: Mark Lilly; Mural detail photos: Joe Keefe


EastSide Arts Alliance uses arts and culture as a way to build community power and self-determination. We have been serving our neighborhood for over 20 years. We now have a third generation coming to our cultural center. We are dedicated to building deep connections between and among working class & low-income communities of color, communities whose histories, stories and cultures are actively erased from mainstream narratives. Through year-round programming at our cultural center and other public spaces in East Oakland, EastSide provides an example of how progressive artwork and the growing traditions of cultural offerings offers a creative framework for community solidarity and inclusivity. 

We believe that art can be healing and transformative when the intention is clear. The Project Sarai Mural and Beloved: An Insistence are a part of an ongoing commitment by artists, spiritual warriors, activists and abolitionists working together to end the culture of misogyny, child abuse, sexual violence and rape in our communities; and repair our collective humanity.


– the EastSide Arts Alliance Collective



EastSide Arts Alliance & Cultural Center

2277 International Blvd. Oakland, CA 94606 • eastsideculturalcenter@gmail.com



Live Arts in RESISTANCE (LAIR) VIRTUAL is a livestream program talking with local artists about their artistic work, dreams and community work.

The HAVEN ProjectEast Side Arts Alliance and RyanNicole presents..

HAVEN Video Premiere: Bay Area Artists for Housing Justice

On Sunday, November 1st HAVEN premiered a special video project by Bay Area Artists for Housing Justice. 

Full Length Video To Come​

Featuring: RyanNicole, Jenn Johns, Kev Choice, Daveed Diggs, Goapele, Fantastic Negrito, Ruby Ibarra, Destani Wolf, Karega Bailey, Chris Riggins, Rocky Rivera, Gina Madrid, Zumbi, Alan Dones, Don Reed, and more!

HAVEN is a cultural media production and distribution initiative for housing justice aimed at local Bay Area voters.  It is a project of EastSide Arts Alliance conceived by artist-activist Ryan Austin (RyanNicole).

HAVEN engages local artists, media makers, experts, and leaders in the field to share their perspectives, experiences and testimonies on housing justice.  Through the creation and distribution of social justice media, HAVEN invites members of a community to radically imagine more just neighborhoods and cities.


We know that traditional campaign messaging can shift voter behavior for short-term electoral wins.  HAVEN hopes to use cultural media from popular and trusted artists to shift voter values and sentiments towards long-term and comprehensive, equity and justice actions and voting. Our supposition is that if popular media propagates songs, shows, fashion, and art that asserts a “brothers/sisters keeper” message, it will lead to a cultural shift towards collective caretaking, encompassing fair and equitable housing, education, medical care, etc.

For more info visit http://havenprojectoakland.com/

*Español más Adelante.*

IIFL-UNAM via NAKA Dance Theater and EastSide Arts Alliance present:

"Mexicans, Palestinians and Sahrawis: on the same side of different walls".
Film-series and discussion with directors.

NOV 18 – DEC 2 

Wednesdays from 5-8pm Mexico City Time

3-6pm Pacific Time


Thirty-one years after the emblematic fall of the Berlin Wall, contrary to expectations, the walls that prevent people from having the free right to migrate, have multiplied in the world. Today at least seventy-seven walls are registered in different places. Each wall is a wound that our civilization inflicts on the earth. In this film series we will approach three walls: the one that prevents the passage of Mexicans and Latin Americans (and Africans…) to the United States of America; the wall that the State of Israel erected to prevent the return of the Palestinians to their homes and lands and, finally, the one that the Kingdom of Morocco built in order to annex the Sahrawi territories and subordinate the population that remained under occupation. This film series accompanies a traveling exhibition that irreverently addresses this control device for impoverished populations called El Muro: an emblem of accumulation by dispossession and aporophobia (hatred of the poor).


November 18: Over the Wall / Sobre el Muro (El Colef, México, 2019, 28 min.)

Director: Luis Mercado
Executive producer and original idea: Alberto Hernández.
Participants: Alberto Hernández, Luis Mercado, Marina Viruete and Olivia Ruiz.

Based on the documentary Over the Wall / Sobre el Muro (El Colef, 2019), this text discusses some social effects from the transformations of the barriers and divisions that have demarcated the border of the states of California in the United States and Baja California in Mexico, until the construction of fences and border walls promoted by the last four US federal administrations. Based on interviews with specialists in migration and borders, residents, and an investigation of files and documents around the wall and its effects on the Tijuana-San Diego border, this documentary captures periods of change and border reinforcement by the United States, as well as the recent situation with the arrival of new migratory flows such as the caravans of Central American migrants to Tijuana and the challenges for this border.


November 25: "The Lab" - The Laboratory (Belgium, France, Israel, 2013, 58 min.)

Director: Yotam Feldman
Participants: Yotam Feldman and Federico Donner (translator)

Since 9/11, the Israeli arms industries are doing bigger business than ever before. Large Israeli companies develop and test the vessels of future warfare, which is then sold worldwide by private Israeli agents, who manipulate a network of Israeli politicians and army commanders, while Israeli theoreticians explain to various foreign countries how to defeat civil and para-military resistance. All based on the extensive Israeli experience.
The film reveals The Lab, which has transformed the Israeli military occupation of Gaza and the West Bank from a burden to a marketable, highly profitable, national asset.


December 2: “Latidos de mina. Free Paths Maker ”(Western Sahara 2019, 26 min.)

Director: Isidro López-Aparicio (iLA)
Participants: Isidro López-Aparicio (iLA) and the SADR ( Sahrawi-Árab Democrátic Republic) ambassador in Mexico Mojtar Leboihi Emboiric

This documentary tackles the injustice and pain caused by antipersonnel-mines and asks for the urgent need to create a protocol of demining and signing by all the countries involved. 
The film begins during 24 hours of isolation of the author into a hole in the middle of the desert in order to generate the necessary empathy towards the Saharawi community, which serves as a first step in the progressive approach to the reality of antipersonnel-mines’ victims and their daily lives. In this way, the complaints and desires of the community become verbalized. Besides, the author makes interviews, listens, shares, and designs a device to explode the mines. It is created from the Melphas (Saharawi women’s suits), which serve as the candle that moves the wheels that (helped by phosphate) map the way with the word FREE and end up exploding the mine while showing the inhuman damage they provoke. 
A call to the signing of an urgent demining protocol.


December 9: 
"Of migrants and clay": A conversation with Édgar Álvarez (Colombia)

Participants: Édgar Álvarez and members of the PAPIIT IN 401119 Project

Artist Édgar Álvarez decided to combat social indifference to the phenomenon of migrants and refugees with plasticine. Sensitive and expressive work reveals human vulnerability and calls for responsibility that promises some humanity. The exhibition “Mexicans, Palestinians, and Sahrawis: on the same side of different walls” can express reverent gestures against the walls through the plasticine figures of refugee and migrant children and adults.


Instituto de Investigaciones Filológicas, UNAM en auspicio con NAKA Dance Theater y Eastside Arts Alliance Presentan: 

Ciclo de cine-debate con directores y conversatorio: “Mexicanos, palestinos y saharauis: del mismo lado de muros diferentes”
El Proyecto PAPIIT IN 401119 “Heteronomías de la justicia: territorialidades nómadas” 


A 31 años de la caída emblemática del muro de Berlín, contrariamente a lo esperado, se han multiplicado en el mundo los muros que impiden a las personas y a los pueblos el libre derecho a trashumar. Hoy se registran al menos setenta y siete muros en distintos lugares. Cada muro es una herida que nuestra civilización inflige a la tierra. En este ciclo de cine nos aproximaremos a tres muros: el que impide el paso de los mexicanos y latinoamericanos (y africanos…) a los Estados Unidos de América; el muro que el Estado de Israel levantó para impedir el retorno de los palestinos a sus hogares y tierras y, por último, el que el reino de Marruecos construyó a fin de anexar los territorios saharauis y asimilar a la población que quedó bajo la ocupación. Este ciclo de cine acompaña a una exposición itinerante que aborda de manera irreverente este dispositivo de control de poblaciones empobrecidas llamado El Muro: emblema de acumulación por desposesión y de aporofobia (odio a los pobres). 

Los Miércoles de 17 a 20 hrs. Hora de CDMX. Plataforma del IIFL via NAKA Dance Theater Facebook y EastSide Arts Alliance facebook, hora del pacifico 3 a 6 pm. 



Película Over the Wall/Sobre el Muro (El Colef, México, 2019, 28 min.)

Realizador: Luis Mercado
Productor ejecutivo e idea original: Alberto Hernández
Participan: Alberto Hernández, Luis Mercado, Marina Viruete y Olivia Ruiz.
Basado en el documental Over the Wall/Sobre el muro (El Colef, 2019), el presente texto discute algunos efectos sociales a partir de las transformaciones de las barreras y divisiones que han demarcado el límite fronterizo de los estados de California, Estados Unidos y Baja California, México, hasta la construcción de cercas y muros fronterizos impulsados por las últimas cuatro administraciones federales estadounidenses. A partir de entrevistas con especialistas en migración y fronteras, residentes, y una labor de investigación de archivos y documentos en torno al muro y sus efectos en la frontera Tijuana-San Diego, este documental captura periodos de cambio y reforzamiento fronterizo por parte de Estados Unidos, así como la coyuntura reciente con la llegada de nuevos flujos migratorios como las caravanas de migrantes centroamericanos a Tijuana y los retos para esta frontera.


Pelicula: “The Lab” - El laboratorio (Bélgica, Francia, Israel, 2013, 58 min.)

Realizador: Yotam Feldman
Participan: Yotam Feldman y Federico Donner (traductor) 
Desde el 2001 del 11 de septiembre, las industrias de armas israelíes están haciendo negocios más grandes que nunca. Grandes empresas israelíes desarrollan y prueban los buques de la guerra futura, que luego es vendido en todo el mundo por agentes israelíes privados, que manipulan una red de políticos israelíes y comandantes del ejército, mientras que los teóricos israelíes explican a varios países extranjeros cómo derrotar la resistencia civil y paramilitar. . Todo basado en la amplia experiencia israelí.
La película revela The Lab, que ha transformado la ocupación militar israelí de Gaza y Cisjordania de una carga a un activo nacional comercializable y altamente rentable.


Película: “Latidos de mina. Free Paths Maker ” (Sahara Occidental 2019, 26 min.)

Realizador: Isidro López-Aparicio (iLA)
Participan: Isidro López-Aparicio (iLA) y el embajador de la RASD ( República Árabe Saharaui Democrática) en México Mojtar Leboihi Emboiric
Este documental aborda la injusticia y el dolor que provocan las minas antipersonal y pide la urgente necesidad de crear un protocolo de remoción de minas, firmado por todos los países involucrados.
La película comienza con el aislamiento de la autora durante 24 horas en un agujero en medio del desierto para generar la necesaria empatía hacia la comunidad saharaui, que sirve como un primer paso en el acercamiento progresivo a la realidad de las víctimas de las minas antipersonal y su vida diaria. De esta forma se verbalizan las quejas y deseos de la comunidad. Además, el autor realiza entrevistas, escucha, comparte y diseña un dispositivo para hacer estallar las minas. Se crea a partir de los melphas (trajes de mujer saharaui), que sirven como la vela que mueve las ruedas que (ayudadas por el fosfato) marcan el camino con la palabra FREE y terminan explotando la mina mientras muestran el daño inhumano que provocan.
Un llamado a la firma de un protocolo de remoción de minas urgente.


“De migrantes y plastilinas”: conversación con Édgar Álvarez (Colombia)

Participan: Édgar Álvarez y miembros del Proyecto PAPIIT IN 401119
El artista Édgar Álvarez decidió combatir la indiferencia social ante el fenómeno de los migrantes y refugiados con plastilina. El trabajo sensible y expresivo revela la vulnerabilidad humana y llama a asumir la responsabilidad que promete algo de humanidad. La exposición “Mexicanos, palestinos y saharauis: del mismo lado de muros diferentes” puede expresar la gestualidad irreverente ante los muros a través de las figuras de plastilina de niños y adultos refugiados y migrantes.

EastSide Arts Alliance and dNaga Dance Company presents:

GIRL Project Virtual Hangouts:: Balance

Cyber Space via Zoom

Wednesdays 3:30-4:30pm 


Girl Project is maintaining weekly hour long hangouts via zoom where we kick it, take some time to catch up, create art, and get to see each others faces. All GP family is invited, alumni and current! 

Girl Project wants to remains here for our girls the best way we now how, by creating space and spending time together. Email to receive the zoom link and we will see you there!! 

And don't forget



EBALDC/Asian Resource Center Gallery and EastSide Arts Alliance present…

A Virtual Reception with Artist

Claudio Talavera-Ballon

Somos tierra que anda – We are Earth that Walks

Recorded interview with the Artist click link below   

Available in Spanish with English Simultaneous translation

Somos tierra que anda – We are Earth that Walks tells the story of the Central American migrants in the recent caravans, who are traveling north in search of a better life. The artwork explores the suffering, strife and hopes of those traveling from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, fleeing poverty and violence in their home countries. The exhibit seeks to change the biased narrative portrayed by the media and offer a glimpse of hope. It is also an invitation for needed conversations to help us move beyond this highly charged conflict and towards a solution.


Also featured are women who make the often tragic journey less strenuous for migrants thanks to their compassion, courage, and determination to help. It portrays the women of La Patrona, who feed migrants traveling atop the freight train La Bestia, which carries hundreds of people without access to food or water through treacherous deserts and jungles. The paintings also depict DACA recipients (Dreamers) and community leaders who, through their resistance and dedication, are advocating for those who have completed the journey and are trying to make a new life in the US.


Talavera-Ballón is a Peruvian-born oil painter and muralist based in San Francisco, CA. His work highlights the lives and struggles of farm workers, indigenous people and immigrants throughout Latin America and the US. He has exhibited his works in museums, universities and embassies internationally and in the US, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cusco, the Peruvian Embassy in Washington DC, and Galería de la Raza, San Francisco. 

Self Respect, Self Defense, Self Determination 

The ongoing onslaught of police & vigilante killings of African Americans around the country is symptomatic of the broadening repression in U.S. society’s rapid swing to the right, also characterized by the buildup of a fascistic prison industrial complex and an emboldened xenophobic commander-in-cheif.  

The just call for Black Power identifies the struggle between Black people and oppressive political systems in the US and globally that are based on White Supremacy. 

Black Power is a critical challenge to the hypocrisy of so-called American democracy and points to the disempowerment and disfranchisement of Black and all oppressed communities of color. 

So we say: BLACK POWER MATTERS and support calls to DEFUND THE POLICE and DEFEND BLACK LIVES.  This is a call to organize. We must continue to support organizations, alliances, united fronts and coalitions within and between our communities. 

A global uprising demanding systemic changes in how we govern our own communities is underway. EastSide’s work is devoted to raising the cultural consciousness of our respective communities to fight for political empowerment. In the continuum of the artists and activists who came before us, are committed to:

  • SELF RESPECT  - To raise political and cultural awareness and values based on a progressive and de-colonized national consciousness 

  • SELF DEFENSE  - To recognize police repression as a key component of institutional racism and White Supremacy and as an inherent feature of U.S. Capitalism. 

  • SELF DETERMINATION - Community control of our institutions and political empowerment for Black and all Third World and oppressed peoples. 

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