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Community Archival Resource Project 


EastSide Arts Alliance is establishing the Third World Community Archival Resource Project (CARP), housing a permanent collection of archival materials of audio, video, print, and digital documentation of the past and current histories of Third World communities and social movements (with a particular focus on the Bay Area from the 1960s to present).


This living and active archive will have an interactive function to service local communities through lectures, readings, forums, exhibitions, film showings, book fairs, oral history projects, public art projects, and the reproduction of primary resources to be accessible to residents, students and cultural workers.


EBALDC/Asian Resource Center Gallery and EastSide Arts Alliance present…

A Virtual Reception with Artist

Claudio Talavera-Ballon

Somos tierra que anda – We are Earth that Walks

Recorded interview with the Artist click link below   

Available in Spanish with English Simultaneous translation

Somos tierra que anda – We are Earth that Walks tells the story of the Central American migrants in the recent caravans, who are traveling north in search of a better life. The artwork explores the suffering, strife and hopes of those traveling from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador, fleeing poverty and violence in their home countries. The exhibit seeks to change the biased narrative portrayed by the media and offer a glimpse of hope. It is also an invitation for needed conversations to help us move beyond this highly charged conflict and towards a solution.


Also featured are women who make the often tragic journey less strenuous for migrants thanks to their compassion, courage, and determination to help. It portrays the women of La Patrona, who feed migrants traveling atop the freight train La Bestia, which carries hundreds of people without access to food or water through treacherous deserts and jungles. The paintings also depict DACA recipients (Dreamers) and community leaders who, through their resistance and dedication, are advocating for those who have completed the journey and are trying to make a new life in the US.


Talavera-Ballón is a Peruvian-born oil painter and muralist based in San Francisco, CA. His work highlights the lives and struggles of farm workers, indigenous people and immigrants throughout Latin America and the US. He has exhibited his works in museums, universities and embassies internationally and in the US, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Cusco, the Peruvian Embassy in Washington DC, and Galería de la Raza, San Francisco. 

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