Dear Community!!
Thank you for all your support this weekend, Thank you for bringing your love and unity into the cultural center. Thank you for your brilliance and resilience. You brought your love for community and turned a hard decision into a refuge from the rain, and we appreciate it. Folks have asked for a clear link to make donations, so follow the link below.

Much Love, EastSide Arts Alliance




The Malcolm X Jazz Arts Festival is an all day, free neighborhood festival that celebrates jazz, America's classical music and the Black musical tradition that has transcended the U.S. to reach all corners of the globe, and the legacy of Malcolm X, who believed in the self-determination, self-respect and self-defense of Black and oppressed people throughout the world.  This event is a celebration of our Third World communities in the San Antonio district and includes music, speakers, community organizations, local arts & crafts vendors, live mural painting and delicious food. 

Malcolm X Jazz Arts Festival

Our 19th Malcolm X Jazz Arts Festival is soon!

This year we’re focused on upholding Black/Brown solidarity as a way of building and sustaining cultural and economic viability. Our beloved East Oakland community is home to the nation’s most ethnically diverse population comprised of new immigrants from Bhutan, Mongolia, South East Asia and China residing near third and fourth generation African Americans and Latinos.


We invite you to support our programs, including the Malcolm X Jazz Arts Festival, aimed at strengthening a social justice agenda that advances the vision and voice of the communities we serve. As Malcolm said, “The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.”


So please DONATE today! We need your support to help create the future we all want to see. Consider a one-time gift of $25, $50, $100 or more . . . OR quarterly donations of $25, $50, $100 or more. Then join us at the Festival for a celebratory honoring of community and Malcolm’s birthday. See you there!

Volunteer at This Years Jazz Festival!

The Malcolm X Jazz Festival prides itself on organizing a completely FREE family friendly event! That couldn't happen without our communities commitment and volunteers. This 19th annual Jazz Festival needs your help, click the link to sign up for a volunteer shift the day of the festival. The work will vary and include, lifting, walking, cleaning and organization of materials. We look forward in creating a successful Jazz Festival 19 years in a row! 

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