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Past Exhibitions

GODmana: Great Mother of Power

work by artist: Woosler Delisfort  
September 22, 2023 - November 25, 2023 
ESAA Cultural Center Gallery 

Thursday - Saturday 12pm-6pm. 


GODmama: Great Mother of Power is an exhibition of photography by Woosler Delisfort that documents afro-spiritual ceremonies with a focus on the many roles the ‘priestess’ serves in African Traditional Religion. African Traditional Religion is the indigenous religion of the African people. It is polytheistic with no predominant doctrinal teachings. Rather, it is deeply rooted in ancestor worship, a hierarchy of deities, gods and goddesses, priests and priestesses, elders, healers, cosmogony, cosmology, and animism- the belief that all living things have a soul or spirit that energizes the


In this ongoing series, Delisfort focuses on the power and centrality of women in afro-spiritual traditions of the African Diaspora, specifically the ceremonies of Vodou, Santeria, and IFA traditions found in Haiti, Cuba, Brazil, Jamaica, Benin, Nigeria, and throughout the U.S. and ultimately wherever home is for the diaspora— because our spirituality is always there.

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